Pleasure to meet u too

Well HELLO there!

Welcome to my blog and nice meeting u too.. :)

My main purpose of writing this blog is to share everything Lurvly and anything that is Truly comes from my heart.

Getting started..

Basically, this blog is like my diary but Im not writing about my daily routine but as a medium of sharing info of places, food, fashion and sometimes about my feelings. Anyway, sharing is caring right? So most of the time I'll be sharing and I'll write about myself.

Yours Lurvly, Truly..

I am no one except for being a normal person that has many things to believe. 

Life has been great in this 25 years so far and it has taught me a lot of things for me to actually appreciate what God has planned for me all these years.

Educational & Career..

Graduated as an Accounting student both for Diploma and Degree from local private college. Once worked as an auditor in one of medium firm in KL and now runs a family business.


Obviously..Blogging! Which is the thing I spend most of my time now. And besides that, what I do during my free time is watching muvee and just loafing around the mall and hang out for some drinks and chit chatting.


And not to forget traveling. As for now, I still haven't discover overseas that much except to London, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, HongKong, Bangkok, Singapore~ Most of the Asian country. But I do  travel a lot within Malaysia.

Think thats all about me. 

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